Sector Trade/Banking System – AWAS Dev Blog #4


Any great civilization at some point has had to create some type of trade system. Trading allows for interaction with other colonies, as well as getting goods from other locations. A World Among Stars is no different. Except, it is in space of course.

Let’s start with Warping, which is a pretty nice way to get around. It allows you to quickly get to other planet systems. With warping, it can only go one way, which means you have to find your way back to your planet system to collect. Trade ships, on the other hand, allow for travel to and from neighboring planet systems, but they are expensive.

The Banking system in A World Among Stars is almost similar to what we have in our current economy. Each Planet has its own currency, but as your develop and grow your colony, you can start using Galaxy-wide currency. With the bank, you can invest in other empires, even request or send out loans to other empires. There is a treasury which collects interests for you. If things get bad, you can even declare bankruptcy.

From sector trade to the banking system, AWAS pushes you to be as involved in your colony as you can be, where every decision is crucial to the success of your empire. Get your ships ready and explore planets in A World Among Stars!

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