Colonization – AWAS Dev Blog #3


Creating an empire was the beginning of a very fun and personalized process in A World Among Stars. Now that we know what it takes to create an empire, it is time to Colonize.

Colonizing in AWAS is interesting, so many factors can decide whether your colony grows or plummets. You decided how you want to spend your in-game currency to further expand your colony. Build roads to make it easier for your colony to travel. Give them housing and buildings to further expand the population. You can even choose to research Clone Vats, a special construct, that allows you to make artificial clones to further expand your population. Choose to build drones to help protect your colony. Maybe you need a bank or even a trade hub for economic growth. You can build a colony ship to take your colony to waypoints.

You are given so many possibilities and options in AWAS, but it is up to you to decide how you will play.


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