Empire Selection – AWAS Dev Blog #2


Creativity and imagination are the key components in creating an empire. In AWAS you will feel as if you are the sole creator of your very own unique empire. You decide on your race. Whether it is from the fierce and strong Ashar, that use aggression to conquer the planets, or maybe as the Kadrian, the peaceful and smart race that take over planets not with strength but their ability of diplomacy savant.

You then choose your avatar and sigil to further make your empire your own. The best part is yet to come before you choose your special attributes you decide how your empire will be governed. Will you choose to lead as a dictatorship with abilities, such as Iron fist, or dogmatic to instill fear while also appearing as a god to your colony? Perhaps you may choose a balanced approach as an Oligarchy governed colony with abilities like Balanced leadership to coexist.

The final step before you start your grand adventure is to choose your special attributes. These attributes grant you powerful abilities that could very well change the outcome of your colony. Some attributes, such as Third eye, grant you the ability to view enemy activity in all systems. Or, if you prefer a stronger and healthier fleet, maybe Space Worthy (which grants 10% health to ships) is the way to go.

Being able to mix and match attributes can be the difference between failing or succeeding in obtaining complete control of the galaxy. You decide how you will conquer the planets in A World Among Stars.

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