Games We Admire

This week was different for us we decided on talking more about the games that we admire. It would be safe to assume that at one point in time anyone working in the video game industry was inspired by a game. There was only a few 4x and rts games we mentioned but I’m sure there are more out there that you would deem admirable. Let’s start off with Starcraft’s combat animations which are still some of the best around just seeing all the explosions and action is enough to get anyone to try it. The good old Age of empires is a game people will say they remember when they were younger. It brings some nostalgic aspect while playing which is very enjoyable. Company of heroes is amazing the way they integrated historical events into their game. It can be a little nerve wrecking at times trying to make crucial decisions on how to save your squad, But its games like that we admire. Last on our list is Endless legends what stood out most in this game was the faction options all had their own unique playstyle which is awesome. Some factions were more passive while others were very aggressive. Being able to choose different playstyles is what made the game interesting and fresh. Although the list wasn’t very big it is a list that we are pleased with. These games we admire and wish the best for. Plus who knows maybe we will be on someone’s list in the future.

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