Infrastructure is all about the building blocks. It is what builds the colony that makes it grow even more!

Once you have the right amount of funds, you can invest in Infrastructure. Build Roads to allow for your colony to travel better. Housing is what gives your colony a population boost. You cannot build an empire without people.

As your population grows, you may need to invest in some Fortification to increase the defenses of your planet. As you play and progress in Technical levels, you will have access to more infrastructures. But, of course, as the levels increase the cost increases to build these better infrastructures. Some of the infrastructures you can build can give you an edge. Interstellar communication allows for planets to alert the empire if there are enemy ships in their system allowing you to prepare sooner. There are also some infrastructures that only empires with specific attributes can gain. For example, Spatial Movement allows for any ship to warp anywhere in the galaxy only if it is built on the home planet and only if it’s a pirate affiliated empire. Even if you are thinking small, like the Roads on the planet, or big like interstellar communication, infrastructure plays a huge role in the upbringing of your empire.

You choose how you will invest in each infrastructure. Explore the galaxy in A World Among Stars!

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