Military in A World Among Stars

Like all great colonies there is always a great military task force there to protect it. In A World Among Stars there is 3 different units the army,navy, and marines. Each unit has some sort of perk as to why you would create them. The army is very cheap but still and effective unit. They can be grown in huge numbers. Even though there skills are not as great as the other two they can still pose there purpose of protecting the empire.




The navy is the protectors of your empire from threats in the skies. They are the most skilled in combat in space and with their skills they can control great ships to protect your planets.




The marines just like the army command the ground but unlike the army they are very skilled in combat and are the most expensive unit to create.




Learning to properly grow your military as well as commanding them will mean the difference between total control vs total annihilation. Get ready to control your own empires military in A World Among Stars.


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