Ships in A World Among Stars

Ships are what provide safe transport of cargo, or they can also be destructive forces when built as a battle cruiser. Soon, you will be leading a fleet like a professional in no time. Let’s start with the beginning on how to start building ships. First, you need to make sure you meet the level requirement, and in this case it’s level 8 in military research. Once there, you can select to learn naval yard, which gives you access to the menu to build ships.





Building ships is exhilarating and it gives you more of that driving force you need to build your empire. We are almost on our way to having our very first ship. As you can see, I got a little trigger happy and started building tons of ships. But no worries, I will still show you how to start off. Once you are on the naval yard menu, you then select the yellow icon on the upper left hand corner. Then, select the ship you want by clicking the ‘buy ship’ icon.



Each ship has a set number of days it takes to build it, so keep that in mind when building your ship. That’s all there is to it and you have your very own ship. If you select a ship, there will be an additional menu to help you repair, locate, and even destroy the ship if you see fit. You can also choose to add additional crew or even military personnel.


You are that much closer to conquering the galaxy and growing your empire in A World Among Stars.

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