Trade Hubs in A World Among Stars

Supply and demand it is what makes products flow. Being able to keep up with the demand will make your empire that much better and Trade Hubs help you do just that.

After making your empire and gaining some levels you can build a trade hub. Trade hubs work as your central point for influencing the market demand. To access the trade hub after you have selected to build one you simply select planetary interface then select trade hub.


planet-stuff                  planet-stuff-2

In the trade hub menu it has very important information such as Galactic trade percentages, Demand and the Increase in cost. In the menu, there are four different categories which are in place to better help you get to what you need when you need it. The four categories are Raw materials, Technical, Services, and Agriculture.


After looking over all your products and you feel you want to increase the production, it is a very simple task to do. You simply click on the icon next to the product that you want to increase in production on and you are all set.


A World Among Stars wants you to create a hands-on experience to make you feel like the decisions you are making have an impact on the empire you are trying to grow. Get out there and conquer the galaxy in A World Among Stars!


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